The Calabrian wines produced at the tip of the Italian boot are on the national wine scene with an increasingly important role. The research and development of this southern tongue of land has brought to light a wine production with an excellent quality-price ratio, satisfying and extremely linked to the territory. Calabria is, in fact, the spokesman of an ancient local winemaking tradition, stimulating, complex and with a strong personality. Despite slightly less than 10% of the regional territory is flat and the vineyard hectares amount to less than 20,000, the Calabria region is able to stand out and affirm its position in the rich Italian wine scene thanks to the saplings of autochthonous grapes such as Gaglioppo and Magliocco. and the hard work of small artisans, winemakers who constantly believe in the enormous potential of this sun-kissed land.

Calabria has a lower production of white wines than reds, but here are excellent expressions of Greco Bianco, Montonico or Mantonico, Trebbiano Toscano and Guarnaccia. The Greco Bianco, in particular, so called from the name of the Calabrian city White around which it is cultivated and since 1980 recognized as DOC, represents an original white wine, robust, with an intense and slightly perfumed aroma. From the Greco Bianco, we also obtain the DOC Melissa Bianco, dry and delicate, not too alcoholic. The Montonico is, however, also present in Abruzzo and it is a white grape variety present in different IGT and DOC of the region from which are obtained white wines of low alcohol content, slightly astringent on the palate. Finally, the Guernaccia, used more than anything else in blends with other local varieties for the timid acidity.

The Calabrian red wines deriving from the native vines of the region are more and more widespread and appreciated, not only by experts in the sector, but also by the palates of wine lovers. The success of Cirò DOC proves this. Far from the idea of a black glass, super-concentrated and high in alcohol, Cirò transpires in the glass for freshness, minerality and flavor, seducing the palate, one sip after another. Easy to handle in combination with the table every day, fish or meat, this wine is none other than the innovative fruit of Gaglioppo grapes, the vine at the base of most of the Calabrian red wines. Another red wine with an excellent drinkability is Magliocco, obtained from the homonymous grapes grown in the Cosenza area: simple, never cloying, aromas of ripe red fruit with spicy notes, also suitable for aging. In addition to the Gaglioppo-Magliocco duo, in Calabria there are excellent productions of wines from Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes. The first shows a good aromatic bouquet, elegant, basically tannic and perfect for aging. If present for 80% / 100%, it contributes to the production of Sicilian DOC Etna wines. Nerello Cappuccio is also a contributor to the production of Etna Rosso DOC in Sicily, but unlike it produces wines that are not aged, but rather ready-to-eat, fruity and vinous. Finally, interesting is the wine Melissa DOC Rosso, typical of the Alto Crotonese area and takes its name from the town of Melissa and produced from 75% to 95% Gaglioppo grapes, which is reminiscent of the spices and fruits of the undergrowth.

Source:  www.vinitalyclub.com

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